Hazel probably has a really strong 1940’s New Orleans accent

Jason and Annabeth and Piper probably have that adorable California accent

Frank probably says “eh” instead of “why” a lot

Leo’s probably got a very fast, Spanish accent

Percy probably talks very fast also and has the only Northern accent and everyone teases him about it


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Her boyfriend," Butch said, "A guy named Percy Jackson.

the moment in The Lost Hero where everyone was about to close their books but saw Percy’s name and gasped (via eeehmacareyna)

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harry and ginny having triplet boys and naming them james, sirius, and remus respectively

and mcgonagall’s reaction when they’re at hogwarts like


no not again

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If I had a dollar for every time Rick Riordan said something sassy, I would have enough money to pay for the therapy I’m clearly going to need after Blood of Olympus.

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Rick Riordan’s books are just Greek Myth fanfictions that stole the hearts of millions and now he’s making crossovers

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  • me when a character dies: are you really dead-dead or just supernatural-dead